Rental, Sales & Services

Summit Rental, Sales & Services

If you’re looking for assistance in selecting or maintaining the tools you need for your workplace safety program, Summit Safety is the place to come to!

Sales & Rental

Our rental and sales department help you spec all of the equipment you need to keep your staff safe and in compliance while keeping you within budget.

We are the local specialists for all your safety needs, and are trained on how to service and maintain your safety equipment. We sell, rent, and service:

  • Industrial Breathing Apparatus
  • Gas Detection Equipment
  • Fit Testing
  • Fall Arrest Harnesses

Safety Equipment

We carry a variety of cartridges, masks, and supplies in stock for your breathing apparatuses and gas detection equipment.

If you have needs for safety equipment beyond what’s in stock, such as lifeline equipment or gas protection monitoring, give us a call! We can order it in for you, show you how to use it, and recommend a service schedule to keep you in compliance.

Service Department

We pride ourselves on our service department’s knowledge, skill, and commitment to keeping our customers’ equipment in good working order. We know the equipment, manufacturers’ maintenance requirements, and keep meticulous service records for every piece of equipment we take into the shop. Our service staff document the repair and maintenance performed on each piece of equipment. We will also recommend tests and replacement parts that meet manufacturers’ requirements to the letter. Any service done on your equipment is inspected three separate times before it’s returned to you, ensuring a triple-check for the utmost peace of mind.

We know that without your safety equipment, many of you won’t be able to go to work. That’s why we’re happy to offer you the use of loaner equipment while we’ve got yours in the shop. Give us a call to schedule service and find out more.