What We Do

What We Do

Safety is not just what we do; it’s who we are!

Worker safety is at the heart of everything we do. We want everyone to leave the job site healthy, safe and sound. We are up-to-date on all safety legislation and can help you plan the safety needs of your job site. If you require emergency response on-site, Summit Safety is also available for short calls. 


  • We have state of the art, fully-certified, industry-leading equipment and come prepared to answer your call any time of the day or night.
  • Our portable mobile shower units are temperature-controlled and equipped with fresh water for effective decontamination.
  • Summit Safety’s Firefighters are all trained to NFPA 1001/1081 standards.
  • Our dispatch staff is available 24/7 to answer your call. We can send out first responders and be first on the scene to suppress fires, assisting in the rescue of personnel, and offering care to workers who have been exposed to fire or harmful substances.
  • We also do fit testing, make an appointment to come in and see us!

Medical Services

(Mobile Treatment Centres and Emergency Transport Vehicles)

  • Mobile medical services are provided by trained and certified oilfield medics, available 24/7 to provide compassionate critical care.
  • Summit Safety staff includes medics of many levels of training and expertise:
    • Advanced Care Paramedics (ACPs)
    • Primary Care Paramedic (PCP, formerly known as EMT)
    • Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs)
    • Occupational First Aid Level 3 (OFA III)
    • Advanced First Aiders (AFAs)
  • Summit’s Mobile Treatment Centres are 4×4 road units able to transport two injured workers at a time. A medical professional is on board, able and qualified to perform basic life support to injured workers.
  • Four-wheel drive emergency transportation vehicle and patient transfer units are also available for use on-site, complete with stretcher, supplies, defibrillator, and road radio.

H2S Safety

  • Summit Safety sells, rents, and services Hydrogen Sulfide detection and monitoring equipment. Have questions about H2S safety? Give us a call.

Gas Detection Sales/Service/Rental

  • We have factory-trained technicians available to service BW Honeywell gas detection units.
  • Short-term and long-term rentals for single-gas or multi-gas detectors, monitors, or docking stations.
  • We also sell a full range of gas detection units, docking stations, and accessories.

Breathing Apparatus Service/Rental/Sales

  • Summit Safety will service your SCBA units, no matter the manufacturer. Our service guarantee means every piece of equipment is checked three times before it leaves our shop.
  • SCBA rental units are thoroughly maintained, inspected, and documented. Units are available for long-term or short-term rental.
  • Our experienced sales staff can recommend the right SCBA unit for the job, give training on how to use and maintain it, and inform you of the manufacturer’s suggested service schedule.
  • We also do fit testing, make an appointment to come in and see us!