Our Team

Our Team

Corey Howatt

Chief Executive Officer


Corey Howatt is Summit Safety’s Chief Executive Officer. Corey was raised in Drayton Valley and first worked in the Summit Safety shop while he was still in high school. He returned in 2014 as part owner. As CEO, Corey is responsible for developing the business, creating a long-term vision and setting the strategic direction for Summit Safety.

Corey is NFPA 1081 certified from Texas A & M University’s Engineering Extension. He’s an Honours graduate in aviation from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and spent several years working as an airline pilot. During that time he travelled the world and worked extensively in the arctic. He continues to fly on a part-time basis for one of Canada’s largest airlines. His background in aviation involved writing standard operating procedures for aircraft. He’s used that experience at Summit Safety to add clarity and safety to the way the business operates.

Megan Gilchrist

Chief Operating Officer


Megan Gilchrist is Summit Safety’s Chief Operating Officer. As COO her focus is on building and maintaining a team of qualified and motivated staff. She also ensures that Summit Safety’s work is of consistently high quality and that it continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of their customers.

Megan has been with the company since 2010 having previously worked in sales and catering in the hospitality industry. It was there that she developed a passion for working with people and for delivering first class customer service. Since joining Summit Safety she has continued to develop her own skill set through safety auditing courses and by taking training in leadership for excellence, legislation awareness, principals of health and safety management, worksite investigations, communication and ethics for safety leaders.

Chris Fraser

Field and Service Supervisor


Chris Fraser supervises Summit Safety’s Field Safety team. In that role he’s responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that the customers’ needs are always met. He does that while making sure that safety is always kept front and centre. Chris is also in charge of overseeing the sales and service of safety equipment. Summit Safety sells a range of industry-leading equipment including industrial breathing apparatus and gas detection devices and will also service equipment from any supplier.

Chris joined Summit Safety in 2017. He previously worked as H2S Safety Supervisor for another safety company.

Danny Pyska

Medic Supervisor


Danny Pyska is Summit Safety’s Medic Supervisor. Danny joined Summit Safety in 2018 having previously spent more than 10 years in the oil and gas industry where he served as a lead in the buried facilities detection sector.

Danny has a passion for safety, enjoys working with people and takes pride in accomplishing any task that’s set in front of him. He is a former volunteer firefighter with training as an Emergency Medical Responder. At Summit Safety Danny’s job is to oversee the day-today work of his team of qualified medics and ensure that the company’s fleet of Emergency Transfer Vehicles and Mobile Treatment Centres is maintained to the highest standards. He also conducts site inspections and incident investigations.

Nick Maryka

Fire Supervisor


Nick Maryka is the Fire Safety Supervisor for Summit Safety. Nick joined the company in 2018, bringing a decade of municipal and oilfield firefighting experience. Nick has been a firefighter for his entire adult life and has extensive levels of training. (NFPA 1001 Level I & II, NFPA 1081, and Ice Water and Swift Water Rescue training)

Nick supervises our team of trained and dedicated firefighters. He’s also responsible for creating and implementing training programs that are current to the requirements of both the NFPA and IRP-8. This commitment to safety ensures our firefighting team is among the most knowledgeable and well-trained in the business!