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We started out with little more than an idea, and the help of a few enthusiastic people. Their energy let us keep growing.  Today, people are learning our name and understanding we deliver the kind of safety services that truly have to be seen to be believed.  We continually learn and develop our skills to keep our team in tip top shape.  The oil and gas industry is always evolving.  So are we.

No matter how much we grow or all the new things we learn, we’ll never forget the core values that led to our success.  It’s something we really can’t put into numbers.  It’s what people are saying.  It’s what they’re seeing.  At Summit Safety Inc., we have a reputation for being a major player in industrial safety that makes meaningful differences on sites like yours, for people like you!

Gordon Heacock

Safety Officer

Corey Howatt

Chief Executive Officer

Megan Gilchrist

Chief Operating Officer

Lorna Heacock